Rose garden in flower during Rosemoor's Festival of Roses

If you’ve landed here in search of my blog you’re in (roughly) the right place. Thanks for being here – I hope you’ll have time to linger, have some fun, and come back often.

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This post has been repurposed from my original note to let regular readers know I was changing my blog’s theme. The encouraging comments below relate to that.

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  1. I’m so glad I use the Reader! I do wish you luck — I know I’d be flummoxed beyond all saying if I tried to do any such thing. And thanks for the wonderfully therapeutic color!

    1. I can imagine you being flummoxed as you consistently say that’s how it would be, but beyond all saying…?

      I noticed the other day that your site has widgets in it, so am wondering whether you are being overly modest about your technical skills.

      1. I wish! If widgets are somewhere, it’s not because I put them there. One of my kind writing mates set up my blog for me, and I have tried to avoid messing with it. I am chuffed that I can post text and photos on it!

  2. Good luck, Susan. I use ‘new post notifications via email’ so will notice the difference.

    I love changing WP templates. Always fun to tweak the colours, backgrounds, fonts & widgets. Even more fun to change the header image. Invariably, I end back at the same place, just with different widgets. I do sometimes change the header image though.

    I’d love to find a free template which has a broad image right across the page/screen. Most of the good free ones I’ve seen in the past are no longer supported.

    Now my WordPress LIKE & COMMENT problems are fixed, it is really such a joy blog reading again – especially if that blogger has stunning flower and garden shots like yours 🙂

    1. Thanks, Vicki. I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy reading again.

      WordPress used to have a handy theme search you could select multiple criteria for (number of columns, responsive or not, menus etc) but it appears to have been ‘updated’ so you can only search for one thing at a time. I don’t know whether this theme (Twenty Seventeen) might do what you want if you were to set it to one column and use featured images. It would be fine for pages, but not necessarily do what you want for posts. I don’t think it’s the ideal photo blog format as the pictures are a bit small, but it does adapt sensibly to different screen sizes. I am hoping the gallery might be more user friendly too. That was a drawback of my last theme.

      1. Thanks Susan. I’ll have a look at Twenty Seventeen.
        Trouble is that you find one theme that works for your photos and then find it doesn’t have widgets/colour/font/header that suits (unless you pay for a premium theme of course).

        1. Even if you are a theme designer, I am sure you spend your days making compromises. The biggest issue is how to create something that looks decent on so many different screen sizes: in designing for mobile, which we must, we don’t take full advantage of a wide screen.

  3. Good luck! WP seems to be being a little mardy at the moment, so I hope you can give it a severe talking to and bend it to your will. I subscribe via email, as keeping up via the Reader is way beyond my pay grade – life’s too short, so I’ll keep checking that I’m still getting your most enjoyable and often thought-provoking blog.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I’ve never met a piece of software yet that I could bend to my will, though we can usually come to an amicable agreement. I’m at the chamomile tea stage 🙂

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