Pink Mystery Rose

Pink rose

Can anyone identify this rose I saw at RHS Rosemoor Garden back in July? It has a shrubby habit and loosely double petals – it’s the ruffled arrangement of the petals that draws my attention as so often with roses. I have no idea whether it repeat flowers.

Pink rose

Another picture from the same spot gives a feel for its habit. It’s not a tall rose – perhaps 3 ft (100 cm) or less. Below you’ll find another part of the jigsaw (or a red herring).

Pink shrub rose

I believe the last two pictures show the same rose in a different part of the garden. If so, from an identification perspective, we can add in the feathery sepals and the way the flower opens out to reveal a cluster of stamens as it matures.

Pink shrub rose

I have posted mystery roses before. One turned out to be Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’, the other (click here to see it) still lacks an identification. It is not a million miles away from this one, which underlines the problem of how we can feel sure which of the many pink roses we’re looking at. The other side of the coin is that when you get used to really looking at roses, their characters seem much more individual than a glance would suggest, so it is very possible that someone will recognise it. If you have any hints for me, please let me know.

Writing this makes me glad that pink roses don’t have a criminal tendency. Imagine the police having to keep putting out the same Wanted description:

Pink rose. Green leaves. Armed with prickles.

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  1. Needless to say, I can be no help at all to the matter at hand. However, I do want to say that I laughed out loud when I read the police description. I would add “Has buds.”

    Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers. I hope you find out who they are.

  2. It looks a bit like Pink Double Knockout, but I don’t think that’s what it is. It is a beautiful rose.

    1. I felt a bit shocked when I first read that, but then thought “There’s no earthly reason why everyone should like roses, let alone pale pink ones”. Some of my favourites are pale pink, such as R. ‘Queen of Sweden’, R. ‘Olivia Rose Austin’, R. ‘The Generous Gardener’ etc.

      1. It may be to do with the strong light we have in NZ. Pale colours can look a bit sickly here. Didn’t mean to shock.. do forgive me please! I like your pink mystery rose though.. very nice.

        1. I’d say I’m far too easily shocked – no need for forgiveness! 🙂

          I understand what you say about the effect of strong sunlight to make flowers seem wishy washy. But in any case, it wouldn’t do for us to all like the same things.

    1. Thanks for searching. I wonder! It’s certainly a possibility. One picture looks very like it but another one, less so. None of the pictures I found show the buds so I could check the sepals. It would help if I could remember anything about the scent, because the one you mention has a distinctive fragrance.

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