26 Replies to “Zinging The Blues: Chihuly Art Glass”

  1. oh I just love Chihuly, originally I meant to include some of my own but my photos were taken years ago and every time I cropped them into squares they looked dreadful! So very happy to see some wonderful spiky Chihuly squares from you 😀

    1. I’d love to spend a week or two in this garden. So much about it intrigues me. How they got the planting so right, how they keep the glass so clean…

  2. I’d never heard of Chihuly before reading this. Just gorgeous. Wish I could have them in my garden.

  3. I love the big round blue ball. These pictures are gorgeous. If we ever get back up that way again we’ll have to visit this place. Have you ever been to Butchart Gardens in Victoria?

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