Creative Combination Planting At Chihuly’s Garden And Glass, Seattle

Chihuly Garden And Glass In Seattle

We travelled to Seattle last May to see this unusual garden at its peak, when the perennials were in bloom. The underplanting feels as if an artist has laid out the plants by magic, with the sweep of a brush.

Combination planting

Underplanting is the idea of planting a garden in layers, with shrubs growing beneath trees, and shorter perennials and bulbs underneath them. The designer  thinks about the height and spread of each plant, their colours and textures, then combines them in the most pleasing way. I’ve seen many attempts but rarely seen the effect better realised.  Continue reading “Creative Combination Planting At Chihuly’s Garden And Glass, Seattle”


Cihuly art glass lit so it shines

This experimental shot is my submission for this week’s photo challenge: shine.

A straight shot of the dazzling blue design only seemed to tell half the story. The reflections and the shadows were as interesting to me as the art glass, so I spent a few moments playing with the colours, lines and textures created by the theatrical spot lighting and the series of prints further down the gallery wall. I hope it conveys some of the atmosphere of being there.

Celebrating Man-Made and Natural Curves

Orange Chihuly Art Glass

In this week’s photo challenge, Cheri asks for curves suggesting we might find them in architecture, bends in nature or man-made undulations.

I immediately thought of a recent visit to Chihuly’s Garden And Glass Museum in Seattle, where a cornucopia of curves can be found, not just in the sinuous art glass, but in the garden design and plant choices too.

Glass orb with fern

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