Cihuly art glass lit so it shines

This experimental shot is my submission for this week’s photo challenge: shine.

A straight shot of the dazzling blue design only seemed to tell half the story. The reflections and the shadows were as interesting to me as the art glass, so I spent a few moments playing with the colours, lines and textures created by the theatrical spot lighting and the series of prints further down the gallery wall. I hope it conveys some of the atmosphere of being there.

12 Replies to “Shine”

    1. Thanks Pete. I was trying to keep some of the twisty detail and suggest that it’s hanging from the ceiling like the orange one you can see in the background rather than show the whole thing directly.

    1. One great thing about taking pictures with an iPhone is that the lens has such a good depth of field. It’s not quite so handy if you’re trying to get a nice soft, shallow effect around a flower!

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