Sometimes I Like Things I’m Not Supposed To Like

Power lines with tree branches silhouetted against the sky

When my sweetheart saw this, he tried to explain how I could remove the power lines with an app. Remove the lines? I like the lines. I like the way the vegetation moves with so much verve around them.

Indulge me. Anthropomorphise the seed heads for a moment and see how they seem to be lifting thin arms in mockery or emulation. Watch the boundaries between natural and man-made fade.

I didn’t get any pleasure from the power lines for a long time. We don’t dangle our lines in the sky for all to see where I’m from, we secretively stash them away. I’d venture to think we don’t need as many lines where I’m from, but then what do I know? 

But if a country is going to have lines in the sky, why not celebrate them? There’s something uplifting about connections and I love the Heath-Robinson quality of these ones. Long may their quirks continue to be of service!

Sorry if this picture sets your sensibilities a-jangling, but I hope you’ll concede it’s an apt submission for today’s Ragtag Prompt: Tracery.

36 thoughts on “Sometimes I Like Things I’m Not Supposed To Like

  1. Oddment says:

    Anthropomorphising is one of my favorite things to do, so of course I had to look at this with a different eye. That aside, I’d say context is everything. Mostly I don’t like power lines, but sometimes they make an image much more compelling — like this one. I love the power lines in this because of the silhouette effect of the whole, and because I do believe that is an illuminated bottle tree, plus some other kind of lighted something against the black, and they seem to me part of a beautifully captured twilight moment, when we know it won’t last long. The lines and the lights are there to take over when the sun is gone. Nice.

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