Gresgarth Hall’s Walled Kitchen Garden In Winter

A walled garden on a slope with trained fruit trees

There’s something about this picture of a Lancashire country idyll that I like. The hillside garden looks serene; the house and land on the far side of the wall have a hazy romance. Inside the walled garden, the soil is rich and well-cultivated. It’s winter, and the garden is girded against the twin assaults of rain and freezing temperatures.

The arched garden gate is an elegant detail to enjoy. Visually, it connects and opens up rather than barring our way. Fingers crossed we all heed the plea to close the gate behind us to stop the free-roaming chickens following along in our wake and making merry with any seeds or crops they find.

The old, fruit bearing branches have been pruned back to spiky stubs strong enough to carry this year’s crop. (Eventually. I hope nobody in the UK is expecting apples or pears to appear on these trees – or those in any part of the country – by 29th March 2019. Just saying!)

Shared for Becky’s SpikySquares.

27 Replies to “Gresgarth Hall’s Walled Kitchen Garden In Winter”

  1. hee hee you made me laugh with your ‘spiky’ apples and pears comment!

    This is such a fabulous walled garden . . one of those things I’d love to have.

  2. What? Not raining home-grown fruit and veg by 29th March? I’d better start stock-piling dried fruit now I think.
    I’m not a lover of gardens in winter but I do like your photograph.

  3. I am torn: I don’t know which side of the wall I like better. I guess neither is so charming without the other, though, so I have to like both. It’s a lovely, peaceful square, spikes and all.

  4. Really interesting garden. It looks like an organic cemetery with posts and gnarly plants marking the graves.

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