Painting of a dog in a space suit fastened to a picket fence

I’m sharing this spacedawg advertising art for Becky’s Spiky MarchSquares. Someone may have de-spiked the picket fence, but luckily for me, the light gleams are spiky.

I love the seaside colours of the painting in combination with the hint of yellow in the building behind. And the funky gas planets. Throw in a Bleep and Booster style dawg… I’m contending this is about as sweet as spiky gets!

14 Replies to “Spacedawg!”

  1. I’m burning up Google today. Now I know about Spacedawg and Bleep and Booster! The stars do compensate nicely for the fence.

    1. I can be a little naive. Spacedawg was my idea of a Southern American Spacedog. After googling, I see the term has an alternative meaning. I dare say that title will draw in the wrong kind of traffic!

      1. A Southern American Spacedog! Now there’s an idea for a new species. Yes, you might get a few visitors looking for a different kind of plant, and they might be a bit disappointed, but they are bound to love your version!

  2. Love the picture regardless of the alternative meaning to your title – and sadly I’m old enough to remember the Bleep and Booster cartoons on tv 🙂

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