Tiny Spiky Things

Small spiky, leafy plants with green, grey and purple leaves
Tiny carpeting plants in different colours and textures

The first picture fascinates me: the abundant, varied life; the colours and forms; how snugly these carpeting plants fit together; the apparent harmony, nothing swamping the other; how dainty they all are. I’d love to see this natural design translated into a fabric.

The second is a mystery. A fossil of some kind – a coral, though it looks too round for that, or a sea creature? If you know what it is, please let me know.

Flat, round stone with wavy ridges and toothed effect
Mystery fossil

I’m sharing these tiny spiky things for Becky’s March Squares. Why not pop over and join in the fun?

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    1. A fabric designer would need a blend of skill and patience to complete it! I’ve seen a few really nice botanical patterns for Spring 19, but have baulked at the prices.

  1. oh these are amazing . . .and my profuse apologies for not visiting before now. WordPress didn’t notify me and so only discovered these beauties by chance today.

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