Virtual Streptocarpus Collection

Purple flowers with creamy lower petals
Streptocarpus ‘Gold Dust’

Although I have never grown a streptocarpus, I do collect these generous plants after a fashion, by taking pictures of them and sharing my virtual collection here. Much of my material comes from Dibleys Nurseries’ award-winning displays at the major UK flower shows that attract me like a bee to honey. Their plants always look in wonderful condition, each flower jostling with its neighbour for our attention. Add in the variety of colours, patterns and forms and you have a flower photographer’s treat. 

Streptocarpus with fancy, frilly flower form
Streptocarpus ‘Blue Frills’

These plants are variations on a theme to show what today’s breeders have made possible: combinations of purple, cream and white with stripes, speckles and/or netting. Although I love double flowered roses, and find doubles like Streptocarpus ‘Blue Frills’ visually fascinating, the singles have more than enough character to capture my attention.

Streptocarpus with creamy lower petals, streaked purple
Streptocarpus ‘Harlequin Delft’

In fact, my favourites from this year’s display at the Southport Flower Show were both singles: Streptocarpus ‘Harlequin Delft’ and Streptocarpus ‘Bethan’. The former has bold, clear colours, its wavy-edged petals creating a beautiful ruffled effect; the latter is luminous and ethereal-looking, its primrose-style leaves almost smothered with flowers.

Pretty single flowers with netted and striped pattern
Streptocarpus ‘Bethan’ with coleus

The great thing about having a virtual collection is that I don’t have to deadhead, water, tend or even choose. I can just admire their sheer flower power, each perfect plant frozen in time at the peak of its glory.

Streptocarpus, coleus, begonias and ferns
Display of plants by Dibleys Nurseries at The Southport Flower Show

If you’d prefer to grow a real plant or two (and who could blame you?) I’ve read that they are straightforward to grow, given a suitable place to keep them. For more, check out my earlier post, or visit Dibleys Nurseries’ website where you can download their latest catalogue and find advice on how to keep them looking as good as these ones are.

30 Replies to “Virtual Streptocarpus Collection”

  1. The flowers are beautiful but streptocarpus sounds like something your doctor would say you have when you go in for a sore throat. 🙂

  2. They are beautiful flowers. I love the color and patterning. They really stand out as shown in flower display photo at Dibley’s Nursery.

  3. Aren’t they gorgeous? I once grew some along with African Violets which seem to be out of fashion now. Aren’t they also known as ‘hot water plants’? or have I made that up? I might pop over to your link and see if I can grow some in my ‘orangery’.

  4. Oh my! Those are incredible! What a joy for the eyes! Great photos Susan. I’ve never seen these flowers before and I’m really glad you shared them with us.

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