Blowing In The Wind: Anemone Blanda

Starry violet blue flowers from bud to fully open

It was a joy to see these pretty, little, daisy-like flowers awakening from bud to fully open blooms. Their colour pales as they fully open and age, creating a lovely mix of shades. True to their folk name (windflower) they were bobbing so much on the spring breeze that I thought they might turn out to be just artistic blurs, despite waiting patiently for a lull.Β 

A cluster of daisy-like flowers

Their name, Anemone blanda Blue Shades, turns a blind eye to their distinctly purplish tinge. Whatever their shade, they’re surely not the ‘bland’ our automatic spellcheck (never at its best when it comes to plant names) tries to insist on. Not for me, at least.

These pure white anemones look especially bold, their sun-facing heads shining upwards in contrast to the nodding blue scillas around them. My favourite of all are the pink ones with the white centres but, sods law, I haven’t seen any this year. They must be much rarer than the others, or slower to spread. But I’m nit-picking, because they’re all mood-enhancing.

Shared for the weekly photo challenge: awakening.



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    1. I tend to look at the keys rather than the screen, which doesn’t make it easy to spot what liberties the spellcheck is taking with my prose!

    1. It’s not always easy to explain idioms – and I don’t always agree 100% with the definitions you find online. Sod’s law means it won’t work out as you want it to.

    1. I remember them being Β£6 for 100… or perhaps 50. It was for a lot of them anyway so of course I splashed out. I dare say they aren’t that now!

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