Arley Hall’s White Gazebo

White wire gazebo in a formal garden with topiary

The ornate, white, metal gazebo at Arley Hall in Cheshire stands ghostly amongst the flowers and neatly trimmed topiary in springtime. I’d describe it as a folly but it has a practical use, making a beautiful backdrop for wedding photography. The matching bench provides a great viewpoint for visitors to linger and enjoy the walled garden.

Although lovely when the spring bulbs start to flower and later in the year, to my mind, this part of the garden is at its most beautiful in early June when the peonies are in flower.

White gazebo with decorative wirework

For more information about the listed house and its garden, check out Arley Hall’s Wikipedia entry.

17 Replies to “Arley Hall’s White Gazebo”

  1. What a gorgeous gazebo, it looks just the place where Prince Charming would take Cinderella to try in the glass slipper 🙂

    I went to Arley Hall a couple of years ago for the Dogfest event but because I was with friends I never got to see the gardens 😦

    1. We were there for the same day as Dogfest a few years ago. I’ve never seen so many dogs! It’s a pity you didn’t get chance to take a peek, especially if it was during the summer. Their herbaceous borders are glorious.

    1. You won’t regret it. My kind and knowledgeable friend Sandy Felton (who tweets and blogs as The Reckless Gardener) recommended this garden as one of her favourites several years ago. I can see why – I’ve been drawn back there several times since my first visit.

  2. I love the formality and precision of it all. That gazebo seems ready to rise into the air just because of its lightness. Wonderful!

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