Two Orange Lilies: Double Tiger Lily and Lilium ‘Orange Art’

Bright orange lily with darker markings

Cee Neuner is sharing a flower with something orange in it every day in October, so I thought I’d join her by sharing these lilies. The first ones are an Asiatic lily, Lilium ‘Orange Art’, displayed as cut flowers at a flower show. Pictured on the last day, they seem the perfect choice for the rigours of a show – resplendent, perfect, and sturdy. The lights in the marquee gave the markings a pronounced purple glow. 

Their colour made me think of tiger lilies with their elegant, backwards curling petals. I could only find a picture of these doubles growing in a mixed border at Wollerton Old Hall.

Lilium lancifolium 'Flore Pleno' (Double tiger lily)

Although their colour is a little softer than ‘Orange Art’, they still packed a punch in the garden. An extra row of outer petals adds weight to the flower. The nearest bloom has thick inner petals, almost like a daffodil, but others were more slender. I’d guess that flore pleno is a fancy name for a variable double, rather than the named cultivar that Lilium lancifolium ‘Flore Pleno’ would imply.

They were pretty, and certainly caught the eye, but seemed more of an interesting curiosity than an improvement on nature, to my eyes at least.

If I had to choose, I’d pick the nodding tiger lilies for their grace. Singles.

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  1. Much as I admired the first, the second stopped my coffee mug on its way up. For one thing, I love polka-dots. For another, I love the peachy tones. There’s a shyness about it that contrasts markedly with the blare of the first lily. Together they make a lovely study — thank you!

  2. Wow. Especially that first one. I love your macros. I haven’t ventured outside since arriving in Missouri. Rainy and miserable and dark yesterday so I stayed inside and overblogged! Nice to see your vivid colors. I had to resort to blogging a photo of a jade I took months ago in Mexico. Perhaps today I’ll venture out. Did you get the video?

      1. Oops.. sorry. That message was meant for Cee. I sent her a video of the wildflowers on the mountain behin my house. Bet she would send it to you after she’s seen it if you would ask her and then send it on as well.

    1. They remind me of how some people learn about landscaping plants by listing at least five similarities and differences. These two would provide rich pickings for that.

  3. Orange with purple! I have never see before a flower with those colors. That’s an interesting and powerful contrast. Have a great day!

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