Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Art made from reclaimed plastic

The challenge asks us to tempt our readers to click through by showing a peek of something.   

Did it work? The detail shows a section of the elongated, wanna-be space-traveller that was part of Tony Cragg’s recent exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Elongated male form with two swirls

The elastic-looking gentleman with a large, red heart is one of a series of artworks created from recycled plastic. It’s intriguing to recognise everyday objects (part of a coat hanger, a bottle, a disposable lighter); the deft use of colour is fascinating; and it’s shocking to contemplate the level of plastic waste.

Recycled plastic objects used to create artwork

I loved how you only needed to move the camera a few inches to create a different effect, by capitalising on the swirl. I wonder how many human activities and pastimes are represented by the waste plastic here?

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