September flower posy

Small posy

Looking through my photo library, I stumbled upon one of my favourite September flower posy pictures. It’s small and as simple as they come. I was going to add that it’s unstructured, but I’ve just noticed a bit of a colour block effect going on.

The rose is Rosa ‘Wildeve’, one of my favourite garden roses. Its companions are tiny sprigs of achillea, aster, and veronica bonariensis with centaurea buds. They look just as pretty in a vase as they looked growing together in the garden.

It’s for anyone who would like a floral pick me up. 

I’m linking in to one of my favourite shots from BeckyB’s Square In September flower a day series (of Rosa ‘Kew Gardens’ if those pretty apricot buds are anything to go by) and one of my favourites from HeyJude’s Square in September series. There are still a few days left if you love flowers and want to take part, or just follow along with the fun.

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  1. I can’t believe how silky those blue petals look! Such a simple nosegay, and yet not simple at all. I checked out the links, too; they are all pick-me-ups. Thank you!

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