Cats Chasing Butterflies

Wall with motifs of cats chasing butterflies

I’ve been meaning to share this advertisement that decorates the gable end of The Cat Practice in New Orleans. If you love cats, the chances are, you’ll remember this and might just be curious enough to find out more. 

Wall decorated with cats

Isn’t it great?

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    1. I’ve always had more affinity with dogs (and guineapigs), but that’s because I’ve only briefly had a cat around, when I lived midweek in a house in the middle of a farmer’s fields. The cat had been understood to be wild, but turned out to be quite friendly, especially when it wanted protection from the geese.

      1. Oh, not fair, not fair! That’s twice you’ve made me laugh out loud and totally forget what I’m doing here. You are indeed on a roll — and possibly dangerous!

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