The Ballroom Garden at Jupiter Artland

Stone Dovecote at Jupiter Artland

We visited Jupiter Artlands, near Edinburgh, Scotland last week. I’ll no doubt be sharing more pictures, but for now, here’s one looking towards the stone dovecote in the Ballroom Garden for the weekly photo challenge: corner.

The planting is a lovely mix of contemporary and traditional style. The clumps of purple-blue flowers are hardy geraniums; honeysuckle winds around the metal railings of the balcony and pink roses are scattered naturalistically in the tall grass. Very romantic!



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  1. That looks very much my type of garden, the grasses and colourful perennials among box cubes, then the patterned slabs criss crossing the lawn.😀

    1. It has a great atmosphere when you’re in among the grasses – peaceful, but exciting for anyone who likes gardens. The stone structures are a blessing too.

  2. like everyone else, I’m blown away by this place – you said you have more pictures to show us – please do – smile

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