25 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Lilium ‘Calvados’”

  1. Your Lillys are beautiful. I also grow them but mine are gone now they don’t last due to the deer that come to sample them, just don’t know how to keep them away.

    1. I’m always excited to see a deer, but I can imagine them being a menace unless you build a fence tall enough to keep them out. You could perhaps just surround the lilies with some chicken wire – it’s a desperate measure, but one I see done quite a lot.

    1. It was taken at the Southport Flower Show. We were there on the final day and I was sorry to miss seeing people struggling home with the lilies, which were being sold for £20 per magnificent arrangement, including the vase. There looked to be 40 stems or more in each vase – a massive armful, so people probably looked like walking flowers.

      I contented myself with £2 worth of glads and I struggled to carry those – they had such long stems. There’s nothing better than walking home with more flowers than you can really carry to put a smile on your face. I’ve done that a time or two!

  2. I think Su Leslie’s word “kaleidoscopic” is right on the mark. The effect of multiples like this is dizzying, but in a lovely way. It’s a gorgeous image, and I can’t imagine the fragrance there. Wow. I suspect your comment that you’d “done that a time or two” in reference to carrying home an armload of flower qualifies as understatement. But of course it’s only proper etiquette when the flowers have gone to all the trouble of looking so good.

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