14 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Hollyhocks At Wollerton Old Hall”

  1. Is this a recent photo? Just doesn’t seem fair you get to visit again and again, while I’ve only been once. I think I need a home away from home in England. Or, maybe I could find a long-lost cousin:^) I’m planning a 2018 trip to East Anglia, but goodness, that seems an awful long time away.

    1. It’s a lament, actually. I had the vague intention to drive down this Sunday and – like a complete plank – forgot all about it until it would have been really pushing things to get there before it closed.

      This is from a couple of years ago. If it makes you feel any better, last time I went it rained so long and hard we had to leave after a brief run round to see how stunningly gorgeous everything was.

      You know all too well that when you visit a place like Wollerton, you end up with too many pictures to share all at once. I eek mine out!

    1. Those timber framed brick walls look as if they could tell a tale or two. It’s interesting to see how the wall has been altered or repaired over the years.

  2. I love hollyhocks, and you so rarely see them these days. They remind me of gardens in my childhood. (I was born in England and grew up in Northern Ohio, so I’m not sure where the memories are from.)

  3. I loved your photos of hollyhocks. When we moved to our present home three years ago, I was thrilled to find hollyhocks coming up. Last year, due to a drought, they dried up. The buds were on the stalks, but they shriveled up. This year they were glorious. I loved them because my grandmother always had them growing beside her mailbox.

  4. Hollyhocks! And in such a setting! I love hollyhocks, and I take your post as a good omen for my day — thank you. I thank you also for the laugh: “like a complete plank”? Oh, the vocabulary you’re teaching me!

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