As Good As It Gets If You Happen To Be A Flower

Chionodoxa luciliae 'Blue Giant'

Life is fragile enough for large mammals like us, so what security can these dainty flowers have? Quite a lot actually – these particular ones, that is. And I’m not referring to that attractive looking layer of bark mulch. 

They have the good fortune to be growing at Harlow Carr, the Royal Horticultural Society’s most northerly garden. So their security includes:

  • Fences to keep unwanted visitors out.
  • The prestige of having HM The Queen as patron.
  • Annual income beyond most plants’ dreams: £73.2 million raised in charitable funds (of which £17.5m was spent on the four RHS gardens).
  • Professional and volunteer carers, backed by over 200 years of gardening know-how and heritage.
  • 86,911 Facebook friends.

I rest my case.

Chionodoxa 'Pink Giant' (glory-of-the-snow)

about the flowers

The folk name is glory-of-the-snow, and the official name, Chionodoxa luciliae. These cultivars are ‘Blue Giant’ and ‘Pink Giant’, so named because they tower an inch or two (5 cm) above the species. The flowers may well be larger too. The mass plantings of spring bulbs at Harlow Carr in the Woodland Walk and Streamside Garden are a lovely sight.

About the RHS

Readers outside the UK may have noticed me gaily referencing the Royal Horticultural Society as the RHS as if everyone knows what it is. Most UK garden lovers will get the reference, if only because of the publicity generated by the annual Chelsea Flower Show, the flagship event.

The annual RHS review is the best way to get up to speed on the work of the charity. It’s not dry, as these things can be, and is packed with pictures and interesting snippets, so take a look if you’d like to learn more. The facts I’m quoting are taken from the latest version (2014/15) available online, so I imagine the Facebook friends bit is way out of date. Who would unfriend a flower? (I suppose the person who abandoned that gnome might).

Shared as part of the weekly photo challenge: Security.

11 Replies to “As Good As It Gets If You Happen To Be A Flower”

  1. Going to RHS Chelsea flower show (Hampton Court as well) is on my bucket list for the longest time (so is living in Cotswold area or Lake/Peak district and every place that ends in _shire Cambria or Powys and watching Nadal playing final in Wimbledon with Federer and watching SCD live in tower ballroom in Blackpool) I swear one of these years I will make my dreams come true starting next year. I hope.

    1. I hope so too! My sweetheart says you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a man in a kilt doing the chicken dance at midnight at the tower ballroom! I can’t make predictions about the tennis, but I’m sure you’ll love the flower show. I have a soft spot for Hampton Court.

    1. The blue looks as if I’ve massively boosted the saturation but it’s just how the iPhone interpreted the colour in the shade.

  2. Glory-of-the-snow! Now there’s a name! And what a nice turn of imagination to illustrate security with their status. Privilege indeed. What a carpet they make — definitely an uplift to this large mammal’s morning. Thank you!

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