Verbascum ‘Caribbean Crush’

Verbascum 'Caribbean Crush'

This summer, you’ll be much more likely to see me out trying to capture different forms of verbascums on my iPhone than to see me playing Pokémon Go.

I added this one, Verbascum ‘Caribbean Crush’, to my virtual collection at the recent RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. The flowers open upwards as the sturdy spire lengthens, starting off a soft, peachy yellow, gradually deepening to a burgundy copper as they age. The effect is of two cultivars in one: very striking.

Verbascum 'Caribbean Crush'

The verbascums were combined with those sweet, miniature red hot pokers (kniphofia) that seem to be everywhere I look at the moment; flat, creamy heads of achillea; and floaty purple verbena bonariensis.  ‘Caribbean Crush’ would be a great choice if you like experimenting with colour combinations and don’t mind one plant stealing the show.

I often find myself gazing at the centres of the verbascum flowers. I can’t put my finger on what these ones remind me of – perhaps baby chicks with boxing gloves and boots? Don’t tell me I’ve found nature’s version of a Pokémon gym despite myself!

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  1. Yes, baby chicks with boxing gloves. I’ll never look at verbascum the same way again.

    1. The big, wild, woolly ones you see growing wild in the South of America are just as nice as the cultivated ones we have here.

  2. What amazing colours- it would fit in very well with some of the lovely oldfashioned roses! I will have to look out for it! Lovely photography as always!

  3. I think that, here in Indiana, it is more likely I’ll encounter a chick with boots and boxing gloves than verbascum. I think I have never seen it — it is a wonder!

  4. OML! What gorgeous, gorgeous colors! I like those almost as much as the green and lavender hydrangeas I had for my 35th anniversary renewal service.

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