Glasgow Street Art: Ingram Street Car Park

Glasgow street art: Picking mushrooms

Glasgow is a creative city where artists and musicians will feel at home. These scenes are part of a huge four seasons wildlife design by street artist Smug: if you can spot the parked cars in the squirrel picture, they’ll help give you a sense of the scale. 

Glasgow street art: Hedgehog and harebell

Highland cattle mural

Glasgow street art: Squirrel

Glasgow street art: Fox

Glasgow street art: Badger

Glasgow street art: Mushrooms

I’m sharing this for this week’s photo challenge: (Extra)ordinary. It’s on the buildings adjoining Ingram Street Car Park in Merchant City as part of Glasgow’s Mural Trail in the city centre.

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34 Replies to “Glasgow Street Art: Ingram Street Car Park”

  1. I remember Glasgow as such a somber, serious place (years ago), but this certainly livens it up! Great choice for “extraordinary”!

  2. They’re awesome. It’s amazing how much street art transforms a space. I live in Newcastle, Aus a regional city with an industrial past that is in the middle of reinventing itself. We have an annual ‘hit the bricks’ festival when 15-20 blank walls are transformed by street art. It has increased the vibrancy of our city ten fold!

    1. It would have been nice to have had a little longer to explore – I remember one crossroads in particular where I was being pulled in several directions but could only choose one.

  3. How nice that this one was recommended by WordPress when you followed me! Their algorithms work sometimes. Many thanks for visiting, I look forward to finding out what else you write about.

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