Garden Glass: Careful!

Garden glass

This poised, piled glass installation was part of a garden art exhibition we visited in a Cotswolds garden. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, before or since. It’s not something I’d fancy having in my own garden, for various reasons, but I’ll never forget how surprising it seemed.  It certainly creates lots of interesting juxtapositions (cut glass against the stone wall; nature vs man made; see-through vs opaque; fragile vs solid etc).

It seemed apt to share this for the Daily Post’s photo challenge careful as that’s what came into my mind the moment I saw it. I hope it still looked like the same at the end of the event!

Crystal Towers III: a glass assemblage by Jacque Pavlosky at Fresh Air 2015

24 thoughts on “Garden Glass: Careful!

  1. sportsattitudes says:

    I’m thinking of various reasons why I wouldn’t want that outside as well…obviously being afraid of knocking the whole collection over all by myself tops the list. I bet when those pieces come in for the night it’s proper to carry one at a time as well.

  2. Su Leslie says:

    Pretty cool. It reminds my of chandeliers made by an artist friend of mine; Marlyne Jackson. She uses old cut glass vases and wine glasses wired and glued together and puts tea lights inside them. We hung them from trees at a sculpture exhibition last year and they looked wonderful.

    • susurrus says:

      That sounds like fun! I didn’t try to touch it to find out if the glass was glued or wired together, but that would make sense. It was in a smallish courtyard towards the exit and everyone seemed to be steering as wide a berth as the space allowed, not wanting to be the one to bring it all crashing down!

    • susurrus says:

      I don’t know if you realised but I was answering on my travels and got the posts mixed up. I’ve just been laughing at myself and wondering what you must have thought. I mixed it up with the recent one about protecting potted bulbs. Oops!

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