Glasgow Street Art: Ingram Street Car Park

Glasgow street art: Picking mushrooms

Glasgow is a creative city where artists and musicians will feel at home. These scenes are part of a huge four seasons wildlife design by street artist Smug: if you can spot the parked cars in the squirrel picture, they’ll help give you a sense of the scale. 

Glasgow street art: Hedgehog and harebell

Highland cattle mural

Glasgow street art: Squirrel

Glasgow street art: Fox

Glasgow street art: Badger

Glasgow street art: Mushrooms

I’m sharing this for this week’s photo challenge: (Extra)ordinary. It’s on the buildings adjoining Ingram Street Car Park in Merchant City as part of Glasgow’s Mural Trail in the city centre.

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34 Replies to “Glasgow Street Art: Ingram Street Car Park”

  1. Amazing street art – it’s years since I was in Glasgow but would love to see these in their full glory! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I’ve seen this in real life and it’s a show stopper! 🙂 (in fact, I featured it on the blog after a day trip to Glasgow early this year)

    1. I’ve just been over to visit – very nice! It’s funny how we’ve both kept a hint of the tree in the fox picture to blend ‘real’ nature with the painting.

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I was very impressed with my first (and only 🙂 ) visit to Glasgow. I’ll have to get up steam and go back there sometime. Is it your home base?

  3. stunning!!!!!!!!! I am off to a street art festival this afternoon in Tokyo. Will have camera in hand so looking forward to see what I can find!

    1. When a city understands how to celebrate street art and finds great spaces for it, the city seems to come to life. Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

      1. I read about it the newspaper a couple of days ago. I misunderstood. I thought it was the grand unveiling today and then a week long celebration. But it is a week of painting! A few artists were on site today and murals beginning to happen. I will have to go back next week to see the finished works!

          1. Yes. I am hoping to try and pop back at least a couple of times this week and photograph the progress. a post is the making! Won’t be much of a chore as there are some great restaurants around there as I discovered today!

    1. He paints people too. I watched a film of him painting on YouTube – it’s amazing how he can create something so massive, to scale, freehand.

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