Boundaries: Rusty

Rusty is left behind

It’s more than a bit late, but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture for the recent photo challenge: boundaries. The crop highlights the expression and the matching colours, but I quite like the full shot too. Let me know if you have a favourite!  



11 Replies to “Boundaries: Rusty”

  1. Susan, I love the first shot because the camera captured what the dog must be feeling; sadness and longing to be free.

  2. The thing I like about both photos is that you can see the eyes! That’s the hardest thing to do in taking these pictures through bars or mesh!

    1. I think I was perhaps a bit lucky with that! I cropped the top one to draw attention to the expression, and most people prefer that version, but in the uncropped version, I like the way the paws are sneaking out under the fence and how the dog seems poised to take action as soon as he sees any signs of being set free.

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