Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!

I’m not keen on plant labels in private gardens, unless they are well incorporated into the overall design, such as the lovely, hand-drawn herb labels I often see and admire. As a photographer, plant labels are a mixed blessing, often obscuring the shot or making it look regimented or untidy.

But they’re extremely welcome when I want to be able to name a plant, for example if I’ve just taken a picture of it, or I want to grow one or recommend it to a friend.  Continue reading “Identifying plants: it’s not that easy!”

Want quick results in your garden? Or are you a patient gardener?

Gertrude Jekyll Garden, Lindisfarne
A hundred year old garden, designed by Gertrude Jekyll at Lindisfarne and restored by the National Trust

Most industry research tells us that today’s gardeners expect instant results, particularly if they’re new to gardening. Not a problem: if you have the money to throw at a garden, you can almost certainly achieve quick results, if that’s all you aspire to. Just plant or pay someone to plant big, expensive plants – lots of them – when they are all in bud and just about to bloom.

Whether the garden will stay the same for long without intervention is another question! Continue reading “Want quick results in your garden? Or are you a patient gardener?”

Hellebore heaven: Sunshine Farm

Hellebore seedling with picotee edge and nectaries

It was in Philadelphia, at my first Garden Writer’s Symposium, during the lunch this bright, generous group of garden experts holds to welcome newcomers to their wonderful event, that I first met Barry Glick. I may be maligning him, but it’s my firm belief that he was just pretending to be a fresher so he wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun. I was prepared for a few surprises, but not quite this one. Continue reading “Hellebore heaven: Sunshine Farm”