17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Seaside Hydrangea

    • susurrus says:

      I couldn’t have put this colour palette together if I’d tried, but you’re right – they’re both classics in their own way. The houses are painted in what I think of as Edinburgh rock colours.


  1. biggardenblog says:

    [J] Most folk would have walked by, some might have admired, a few would have photographed the hydrangeas, or the houses, but only a very very very few (in practice, that means just one!) would have seen the two things together and taken the trouble to capture. This is such a really wonderful picture, and proves the point (as if it needs proving) that photography is first about observation, second about patience, third composition, fourth technique … and you’ll be waiting some time before we get to the camera!


    • susurrus says:

      You’re very kind. It was a reward for persistence – last time I was on the island I took lots of hydrangea pictures and deleted them all for various reasons, so I had it in my mind to look for something different. It was only when I was bending down to look at the colours that I saw the effect of the houses in the background.

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