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    1. It always fascinates me how many tones you can see on some hydrangea flowers. I have one myself in a large pot that has flowered well this year, but it is ‘just’ pure, baby pink. I’m pretty sure I would have bought a blue one, so it must have changed colours.

    1. I couldn’t have put this colour palette together if I’d tried, but you’re right – they’re both classics in their own way. The houses are painted in what I think of as Edinburgh rock colours.

  1. I love the way the arches echo the petals! Or maybe the petals echo the arches. The whole is like looking into a box of pastels. I think the term “eye candy” applies. Thank you!

  2. Your picture brought back childhood holiday memories. The tones and colours of the natural against the background of the artificial do work extremely well.

  3. [J] Most folk would have walked by, some might have admired, a few would have photographed the hydrangeas, or the houses, but only a very very very few (in practice, that means just one!) would have seen the two things together and taken the trouble to capture. This is such a really wonderful picture, and proves the point (as if it needs proving) that photography is first about observation, second about patience, third composition, fourth technique … and you’ll be waiting some time before we get to the camera!

    1. You’re very kind. It was a reward for persistence – last time I was on the island I took lots of hydrangea pictures and deleted them all for various reasons, so I had it in my mind to look for something different. It was only when I was bending down to look at the colours that I saw the effect of the houses in the background.

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