The View Towards Windermere From Holehird Gardens

View of the Lake District from Holehird Gardens

Every time I visit a garden, I’m on a quest. Gardeners and photographers will understand. Unlike most quests, there’s no one goal: I’m open to enjoying whatever I find. I love flowers of all kinds so my attention might be caught by a demure woodland plant, shyly lifting a few flowers above its foliage, or a cottage garden classic at the peak of perfection. I rarely miss anything at my feet.

These days, I try to remind myself to lift up my eyes and take in the overall impression of the garden too. These are the pictures that really convey the individual magic of a place. Pictures of flowers can sometimes feel a bit disembodied so it’s nice to be able to give them a beautiful context.

I hope you enjoy the hillside view from one of my favourite spots, Holehird Gardens in Windermere, Cumbria.

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    1. A shot of a whole plant in flower in context is a truer reflection than a single bloom, but they’re more challenging to take, for me at least. Hopefully it all comes with practice!

    1. You’d like this garden because it’s a series of natural room sets or moods. You might not get lost from a bodily perspective, but I’m sure it would set your imagination racing.

    1. Thanks! Paradoxically, having written about lifting up my eyes, I later remembered the little robin that stood boldly on the ground that day, just inches away to watch me with tilted head as I knelt to take pictures of a rose. I did manage to get a shot, but only a blurry one.

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