Scenes and Curiosities from Mississippi, Mainly

House with pink door and windows
House with pink door and windows

Tina has invited us to post pictures from 2022 that we’ve not so far shared. I have so many to choose from, but I’ve picked some out that, for me, have an evocative sense of place. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Ukraine flag with blossom

Truck bling

Beaded stones
Beaded stones
Mississippi Museum of Art sign in the native plants garden
Mississippi Museum of Art
Octopus skeleton
Octopus skeleton in a car’s back window
Pool monsters
Pool monsters face off

Mississippi cottage garden

Suzie Cranston's Garden with roses and birdhouses
Suzie Cranston’s Garden
Standard camellia tree
Standard camellia tree

Giant wheel used as a gate

Contemporary folk art: hub bottle tree

The Shed BBQ stage
Corner of The Shed used as a stage

House and garden in Mississippi

Flower posy

Shared for the Lens-Artists Challenge: Last Chance.

34 Replies to “Scenes and Curiosities from Mississippi, Mainly”

  1. Would you say that your region is home to as many idiosyncratic things as you found in Mississippi? More generally, does every area, if you look carefully, have more or less the same IQ (idiosyncrasy quotient), or are some places noticeably weirder than others?

    1. You can find idiosyncratic things (and people) everywhere. We don’t have the same confidence with garden art in the UK, but the creative American eye will find many quirky delights here.

  2. Your images do evoke sense of place, each one a story. Although I’m not a fan of bottle trees I absolutely love the bottle tree truck photo. Glorious.

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