I Think I Deserve Praise

Pea pods arranged in a flower shape with purple potatoes and tomatoes

You read that right, although it is not generally the done thing to say so.

I don’t deserve praise for growing this fine produce because I didn’t – they caught my eye at a flower show. Being a lover of peas in pods (provided they are sweet), as I could not eat them, immortalising their freshness in a picture made a good, if sorry, second. Purple potatoes, purple kale and purplish tomatoes added extra interest, but it’s not for spotting those either.

I’m not asking you to approve the quality of the veggies, their arrangement or my composition. No, the reason I deserve praise is because I resisted one of my regular impulses for mischief yesterday by not sneaking this in to the middle of my gallery of plants with green flowers.

Do you still deserve praise for not doing a thing even if you slightly regret not doing it?

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  1. Since I had absolutely no clue what I was looking at when I saw the above, and since I was so bamboozled yesterday by the green flowers, you could have inserted this and I’d have been none the wiser. I do congratulate you on your restraint, but I think that little twinge of regret is telling you to do it the next time!

    1. That part was easier than it might sound. I’d not have provoked the very reasonable wrath of the exhibitor to say nothing of the outrage of the flower show organisers.

    1. I was going to say it’s rare to see vegetables mimicking flowers, but then I remembered it’s one of the things people do. At one time, every Chinese meal seemed to come topped with a carrot cut into a flower.

  2. “Do you still deserve praise for not doing a thing even if you slightly regret not doing it?” – oo interesting question! So by showing restraint and not doing it, you get to praise yourself, and perhaps it is the regret felt that is the manifestation of this. However by telling us about the intention withheld, even though it was never done, the thought of the intent is now manifest in our minds, and therefore on some level have you now actually ‘done it’?
    However I am sure there are many parents out there that frequently praise there offspring when they find something has not been done, but the action of not doing something is in itself an action albeit usually a mental rather than physical one.
    Hmm I may have made that comment a little longer than I first expected!

    1. I love thoughtful, thought-provoking comments. On balance, although I would have loved to tease my regular readers and imagine some spluttering over it, a few posts have a wider reach. I was less interested in teasing someone searching for ideas on the topic. And while torn, I accidentally published the post before it was ready. That made me splutter. Perhaps the universe was having its say. (The universe having an investment in greenery).

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