I Think I Deserve Praise

Pea pods arranged in a flower shape with purple potatoes and tomatoes

You read that right, although it is not generally the done thing to say so.

I don’t deserve praise for growing this fine produce because I didn’t – they caught my eye at a flower show. Being a lover of peas in pods (provided they are sweet), as I could not eat them, immortalising their freshness in a picture made a good, if sorry, second. Purple potatoes, purple kale and purplish tomatoes added extra interest, but it’s not for spotting those either. Continue reading “I Think I Deserve Praise”

Happy Thanksgiving From Overseas

Display of seed-grown vegetables at a flower show

Although the British don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been fortunate to have been invited to celebrations over the years and remember some of the treats that will be prepared for family and friends. This is the best I could offer as sympathetic magic. There are no sweet potatoes here to be mixed with pecans and brown sugar and topped with marshmallows, and no asparagus for the casserole, but anyone who had a quarter of these raw ingredients would surely feel thankful. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving From Overseas”

Ness Botanic Garden Penguin: Grow Your Own

Penguin with eyebrows shaped like peppers

Placed like an invocation in a winter vegetable garden is a penguin with a story to tell. On last month’s visit, this part of Ness Botanic Garden was looking (I won’t say sorry for itself, as it was well-tended) out of season. It wasn’t going to feed a family of four any time soon, though nature being what it is, I’m sure magic was taking place under the soil.

For plenty, we had to look to the surrealist style painting of fruit, roots, leaves and tubers that covered the surface of the bird. I spotted onions, cauliflowers, garlic, parsnips, garden peas, carrots, sweet and hot peppers, grapes, lemon, marrow, fennel, cabbage, broccoli, aubergine, lettuce, gourds and an assortment of mushrooms, but that’s not all, by any means. I’m glad nobody needs to find shoes to fit our penguin’s sweetcorn and celery stick feet.  Continue reading “Ness Botanic Garden Penguin: Grow Your Own”