Pink Hollyhock-style Flowers on a Shrubby Plant

Malva × clementii 'Rosea'

I wanted to title my post the botanical name for this spectacular plant, which is widely grown locally, but have abandoned my efforts after some research. An explanation would run into several hundred words, would clarify little to nothing and be tedious, so I’ve spared you that. The folk name, tree mallow, is used for several species too.

Pink flowers like a hollyhock but on a bushy plant

Her Pinkiness (who needs plant names anyway?) is a subshrub. A subshrub is a bushy perennial with a woody base which produces herbaceous shoots towards the top that behave more like an annual.

Vigorous enough to wave flower-filled stems higher than my head, Her Pinkiness can be seen growing over fences, and exuberantly commanding more than her share of small gardens and allotments.

Pink tree mallow: Malva × clementii 'Rosea'

From some angles, the flowers and individual stems look like a cluster of hollyhocks, but with a freer disposition. Isn’t she glorious?

Some time ago, Lavatera was renamed Malva. Those who really, really want a current name and can overlook an element of doubt could try Malva × clementii ‘Rosea’. 

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