Striped Canna Lily: Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’

Canna striata with variegated foliage

Some plants are more fun to photograph than others. Need I say more?

We felt like treasure hunters when we spotted this variegated canna lily growing with little or no care pressed up against a building at the Ag Museum in Mississippi…

Variegated Canna lily with yellow striped leaves

although unlike the textures in my previous post about the museum, the cannas were not easy to miss.

Canna 'Bengal Tiger' with green and yellow striped leaves

Sunlight added life to the rippling yellow stripes so the architectural foliage glowed like a beacon.

Canna 'Pretoria' syn Canna 'Bengal Tiger'; Canna americanallis var. variegata; Canna striata

Canna is a showy, clump-forming tender perennial that grows from rhizomes. Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’, an award-winning variegated form, holds bright orange flowers on sturdy scapes well above the foliage. I left Mississippi before the flowers emerged, which would be from summer through to autumn.

I’m using the name that appealed to me most, but synonyms include Canna ‘Pretoria’, Canna americanallis var. variegata, and Canna striata.

Shared for Cee’s FOTD challenge.

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    1. There seem to be pictures of it with plain orange flowers as well as ones with lily-like markings, like yours. I wonder if the flowers change as they open?

      1. Many cannas are. Canna edulis is so popular in Vietnam that the kids from Vietnam whom I grew up with thought that they were native there. I still find the ‘Carpathian’ English walnut from Persia to be amusing, as well as the ‘Algerian’ Mandarin orange.

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