Foxglove with Dianthus

Foxglove with dianthus

Usually I’d aim to get more of the foxglove spire in the picture, but an alternative viewpoint seemed to work better, focusing on a few spotted flowers.

The pink blurs in the background are dianthus; rose foliage neatly fills the foreground.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. Your foxgloves reminded me of our Penstemon, and sure enough: they’re related. I’ve only seen Foxgloves farther north; I particularly remember the landscaping around the Frank Lloyd Wright house at the Crystal Bridges museum in Arkansas. They were lovely, but I don’t remember the colors being as vibrant as yours.

    1. This is a bold pink. A cultivated form. The ones that grow wild in Lancashire vary from bold pink to white. I’m fondest of the very pale pink ones. Penstemon tend to be short-lived for us, but they are lovely plants (though with a similarly sulky look).

    1. This was in Mississippi. I’m back in Lancashire, but just catching up on the state of the flowers. I imagine if they are not in flower here, they are not far off.

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