Sweet Tyre Planters Make a Back Alley Look Cared For

I promised to share more pictures of some of the colourful, child-friendly tyre planters designs I found, so here goes!

Elephant tyre planter

Tyre planter with Busy lizzies

Fish tyre planter with aubretia

Bee tyre planter with petunias

Tyre planters

Tyre planter with small tree

Minion tyre planter with herbs

It’s so nice to see several areas of back alley gardens springing up in Darwen. Perhaps they’ve been around for longer than I realise and it’s only these last months of roaming that have brought them to light; perhaps they’re the fruit of long local lockdowns.

I imagine it’s hard to appreciate how much difference little loving touches make to the way communities feel if you are not familiar with Lancashire towns. In terraced areas, neighbours count, and the ones who put a colourful planter outside their back yard walls are the best ones to live near.

Shared for Marsha and Cee’s Photographing Public Art Challenge.

Tire planter with painted face

46 Replies to “Sweet Tyre Planters Make a Back Alley Look Cared For”

  1. We have tyres to dispose of and my husband is threatening to put them in the garden. I never, ever thought to paint them (my objection being that they are black and ugly). Even without children, it’s a lovely idea, so thanks for sharing!

  2. It is wonderful to see such a peaceful and colourful use for old tyres – here they tend to be burnt as part of violent protests against the lack of service delivery.

  3. I’ve never seen tires put to such a creative use. They’re wonderful! Every now and then they pull old tires from the ditches around our refuges. I’m going to pass this one and suggest that this sort of repurposing would be just the ticket, especially since there are programs at the refuges involving children, and these could be great projects — with any necessary adult help, of course.

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