Life In Colour: Silhouettes of Trees

Tree silhouettes

I took these pictures a fortnight ago when the trees still had enough autumn leaves to gleam in the sun and when a thick jumper would be sure to become a hazard at some point during a walk. Storm Arwen blasting through has changed that.

Clues have been plentiful enough: this sycamore holding on to its dusting of gold was already an outlier.

Sycamore with golden leaves

But one of the things about living in a climate with distinct, rhythmical seasons is the shock of the expected. We imagine we are prepared for nights to be long, for the air to sharpen, and to wake up to find snow stretching out over the moor. We’ve seen it all before.

Then it happens and we think, ‘Oh, yes, this is exactly how it is. I’d forgotten.’

HeyJude’s brief for Life In Colour is to show true blacks or greys in a colourful world.

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    1. I hope so too, but if not he’ll be shopping for some. I wondered if he might have been in one of the 240,000 homes without power, but I checked and there are none in the York area.

  1. Just today, some friends and I were saying to one another, “Well. While it was so ghastly hot, we were longing for cold. But, really — did it have to become this cold?” Always surprised, and rarely satisfied!

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