Life In Colour: Silhouettes of Trees

Tree silhouettes

I took these pictures a fortnight ago when the trees still had enough autumn leaves to gleam in the sun and when a thick jumper would be sure to become a hazard at some point during a walk. Storm Arwen blasting through has changed that.

Clues have been plentiful enough: this sycamore holding on to its dusting of gold was already an outlier.

Sycamore with golden leaves

But one of the things about living in a climate with distinct, rhythmical seasons is the shock of the expected. We imagine we are prepared for nights to be long, for the air to sharpen, and to wake up to find snow stretching out over the moor. We’ve seen it all before.

Then it happens and we think, ‘Oh, yes, this is exactly how it is. I’d forgotten.’

HeyJude’s brief for Life In Colour is to show true blacks or greys in a colourful world.

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  1. Beautiful trees. I love seeing the structure of trees in winter – one of the few pleasures about the season other than the knowledge that it will soon be spring.

      1. Only 5 weeks to the shortest day and then we are on the up again! I don’t care what the season is, in my mind we are heading towards spring then 😂

        1. I was actually thinking that the next shock will be spring, but I held that idea back as we’re not in winter yet, by anyone’s reckoning (except for the wind’s).

    1. It’s Acer pseudoplatanus. One of my favourite trees, although they are classified as non-native and little valued by town planners (the wrong kind of wildlife).

  2. Isn’t that the truth… those first frosty days with a bitter wind that goes right through a body sends us scurrying for our warmest clothing. And I am grateful to have it!

    1. You’re right – I’ve rooted out a cosy scarf and wouldn’t dream of leaving home without it. I hope your sprinkling of snow will be just enough to be scenic.

  3. Yes, winter comes as a surprise each year, just as spring is a perpetual astonishment. The sillhouette of the naked branches is one of the joys of winter.

  4. “Majestic” comes to mind. There is a real sense of awe that you’ve captured in the looking up. Like DerrickJKnight, I was struck by the idea of “the shock of the expected.” I think it is beautifully poetic.

  5. Yes, “shock of the expected” is perfect. And your photos illustrate how trees are beautiful no matter what, with or without leaves and everything in between.

  6. We had an extra-long and extra-golden autumn in Virginia. Now awaiting, with snow shovel and mittens ready, my favorite season: Snow!

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