Hydrangea Flowers in October and November

October blue hydrangea

My favourite thing about hydrangeas is the blend of colours on a single flower. So, while fresh flowers have a particular type of loveliness, in some ways hydrangeas improve when Autumn throws a restraining hand on the foliage, adding pink, purple and yellow where there was only green.

Deep pink hydrangea in autumn with fall foliage

The flowers both brighten and fade, losing some of their stiffness and gaining a more soulful air.

Faded and speckled hydrangea

Since the effect of Hydrangea flowers comes mainly from their sturdy, colourful bracts, they outlast many other flowers, easing us northerners into the greyer landscapes to come.

Autumn hydrangea with purple-blue tones

Blue hydrangea in November with starry flowers

Towards the back end of the year, flowers need not be perfect to stop us in our tracks: even sparse, moth-eaten ones get all their due credit. It was a treat to see these blue lacecap hydrangea flowers still going strong in the middle of November.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

31 Replies to “Hydrangea Flowers in October and November”

  1. I very much like how Autumn’s “restraining hand” creates a “more soulful air.” I think that it does, and I am going to apply those words every time I look out the window today. Beautiful images!

    1. Autumn’s hand nearly restrained me from having my daily walk, but I braced myself and went for it. It’ll get colder and wetter and darker yet but I’m still adjusting.

  2. I’ve never really liked hydrangeas as once they are past their best they just go brown and look an ugly mess but I like these, the colours are lovely 🙂

  3. I can’t seem to find the photo of my favorite hydrangeas; I probably deleted it. At a Missouri courthouse one year I found nearly-browned flowers that still had hints of all the colors you show here. They were gorgeous.

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