28 Replies to “Flower Power: Gladioli”

  1. This is so incredibly timely. My old friend Donna and I were just discussing gladiola and how we remember them from the gardens we grew up with so long ago. We both have flashbacks when we have rare sightings of their stateliness. This photo is a true representation of what show-offs they are — and for good reason! What beauties!

  2. They’re really beautiful, but for me they always evoke funerals. That’s the only time I’d see them for the first decades of my life, and the impression seems to have stuck.

    1. I wouldn’t have thought of gladioli as a funeral flower, but I can see they would be good for that. My associations include Morris dancers, plus we had a singer in the 1980s who used to flail a gladioli around to accentuate his own on-stage flailing and to underline his artiness.The 1890s poets wore the green carnation in a similar way.

  3. A gorgeous shot and a gorgeous colour. I always think of glads as 1950s flowers. Growing at the back of a border or on an allotment. But I like the natural ones like the Gladioli byzantinus and Gladiolus murielae (Acidanthera)

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