Red Flowers

Red rose

Red flowers have more boldness than any other flower. They’re rich and dramatic. If there’s just one in a scene or an arrangement, that’s where our eyes are drawn.

I’ve always found them a challenge to photograph, as the colour the camera captures tends not to match the colour our eyes see, but I have these to offer.

Sweet peas
Sweet peas
Red passionflower (Passiflora vitifolia)
Passiflora vitifolia
Dianthus barbatus red - Sweet William
Dianthus barbatus

Shared for Life In Colour: Red.

I’d drafted this floral post ready to link in, and was feeling pleased with myself until I discovered that Jude is requesting forms of transport. I prepared to improvise.

Let me try out a few ideas. Flowers, by their very nature are a form of transport – they will produce  seeds designed to go somewhere else to sprout? The sweet peas had been transported from the garden to get in the dinky vase at the flower show? I had travelled in a train, plane and car to see the passion flower (though not just for that, attractive though it was)?

I reckon I could have got away with it, but am adding an insurance policy:

Red neon car hung on an old plaster wall

Now all I have to do is work out a way to contend that a neon car can be a red flower, in order to suit the title.

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  1. What a wake-up color! Better than coffee (almost). I rarely see a red in my photos that captures the reality; I have to wonder if red is deliberately elusive so we don’t take it for granted. As for flowers and transport, I thoroughly enjoyed the morning stretch!

    1. I am sure you’re right about the elusiveness of red. In fact when researching today’s post, I discovered that a gnome’s pointy hat is often red for that very reason – it conveys a degree of invisibility.

  2. These reds really are glorious! I’m in love with that red passionflower – wish I could grow it here!

  3. I am comforted to know that you also find red a difficult colour to capture in a photograph. Neither my camera no my cellphone will do justice to reds, pinks or even bright yellow flowers! You have selected some lovely looking flowers here.

  4. Red flowers are difficult to photograph, so I appreciate your offerings. And the transport link made me smile. I think I may have some red flowers sometime during the month, so perhaps you can hunt out a few more?

  5. The red rose is just stunning. As for the transport, I had a very odd friend, many years ago, who called her mini “Flower”. Would that help?

  6. A great effort, Susan. That rose is lovely but my favourite is the passion flower. I’ve seen very few of that colour. And see what happens when you’re organised? I seldom schedule….

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