Red Flowers

Red rose

Red flowers have more boldness than any other flower. They’re rich and dramatic. If there’s just one in a scene or an arrangement, that’s where our eyes are drawn.

I’ve always found them a challenge to photograph, as the colour the camera captures tends not to match the colour our eyes see, but I have these to offer.

Sweet peas
Sweet peas
Red passionflower (Passiflora vitifolia)
Passiflora vitifolia
Dianthus barbatus red - Sweet William
Dianthus barbatus

Shared for Life In Colour: Red.

I’d drafted this floral post ready to link in, and was feeling pleased with myself until I discovered that Jude is requesting forms of transport. I prepared to improvise.

Let me try out a few ideas. Flowers, by their very nature are a form of transport – they will produce  seeds designed to go somewhere else to sprout? The sweet peas had been transported from the garden to get in the dinky vase at the flower show? I had travelled in a train, plane and car to see the passion flower (though not just for that, attractive though it was)?

I reckon I could have got away with it, but am adding an insurance policy:

Red neon car hung on an old plaster wall

Now all I have to do is work out a way to contend that a neon car can be a red flower, in order to suit the title.

38 Replies to “Red Flowers”

  1. Wow..beautiful gallery Susan. They say when in doubt, wear red, but red blooms certainly has a way to perk up our moods, rights. Bright, passionate color, I love it.
    That passion flower is quite exotic, ours over here is purple so I find that one really catching.

  2. I love red flowers. Don’t grow any of these you have here. My favorites are bee balm and cardinal flower, though cardinal flower is challenging to grow.

    1. Bee balm is a bit hit and miss here, but is wonderful when it is happy and clumps up. We saw quite a lot of it in flower at the new RHS garden, but it was a greyish colour.

  3. hee hee – hope she forgave you. I got told off for not linking my red transport to her read transport – she’s an adorable but tough woman to please sometimes!!!

  4. Digital camera reds have improved a lot since the early days. Still tricky when the light is very bright, but better than the cringe-worthy reds of 2005 or so.

    That ‘form of transport’ is fun, and the beauty of the Dianthus transports, too.

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