Flower of the Day: Yellow Lily

Yellow lily

We came across this pale yellow, typically half-toppling lily tower beside a garden seat. Had we needed further temptation to sit, the scent and colour would have amply provided it.

Sturdy, veined petals arched back at the tips to create an open trumpet shape while stamens, their anthers heavy with brown pollen, made sure pollinators would linger too.

It’s some form of hybrid lily, possibly an Oriental Trumpet Lily.

Yellow lily in a garden

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

10 Replies to “Flower of the Day: Yellow Lily”

  1. It’s that arched tip that makes me stop and stare at a lily. It is so graceful. I think the pale color has a grace about it too. And is that a bit of pink on the bud? I’m imagining the fragrance and thinking I will not get up from that garden seat.

    1. It did. I was surprised how haunting some of the scents were on our walk yesterday evening. It had been a rainy day and it seemed to make the scent carry better. Wild buddleia, for example.

    1. They are evocative plants. I’m growing delphiniums this year from seed (another towering favourite) and they are flowering, but have spindly stems so I am having to tie them up every few inches, especially in all the rain we’re having.

  2. I love the creamy yellow colour of these, they look so pretty 🙂

    I know I haven’t always commented on your posts but I do enjoy reading them, however for some reason I’ve not had any notifications for a while and I’ve had to subscribe again – hopefully I won’t miss any more now.

    1. Fingers crossed! There was a time recently when quite a few people (including myself) ‘lost’ some of the people we were following. The follow button is easy to hit by mistake on The Reader too, and if you are already following, it unsubscribes you. I know what you mean – I can enjoy a post but not be able to think of a suitable comment, especially if I’m in reading mode. I sometimes mean to come back later to a post too, and then life intervenes. I’m sure we’re all a bit like that.

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