Colourful Pavement Garden In Lancashire, England

Pavement garden with lots of flowers

I’ve been fascinated by the use of containers clustered together to create the illusion of a garden since my first visit to Japan where the style is widespread. This fine example of a container garden is much closer to home.

Diminutive, but for me, as sweet as they come, it brightens up the entrance to a traditional stone-faced terrace that opens directly on to the pavement.

Regular readers may remember this picture taken of the same place when the early-flowering white clematis was in full swing.

Garden of potted plants

I’ll leave you with a fuller view so you can see the containers. The flowers include begonia, Busy Lizzie, cosmos, dahlia, lavender, lobelia, scabious, snapdragon, Sweet William and clematis. The bench must be a wonderful place to sit on a sunny weekend like this.

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  1. We’ve recently paved a small sideyard at our house that used to be part of an old driveway, so now it looks like a charming little courtyard. I’m eager to use this technique to fill it with flowers!

  2. Thank you! This is encouraging because I’m beginning to think that containers might be the only way I can have a garden; the rabbits seem to leave container plants alone. Not always, but usually. I’ve been working containers into what garden the rabbits have left me but without such colorful results. I will work on this!

  3. Very pretty! I love containers used like this and the freedom it gives to swap them around.

  4. Container gardening can be fun when it is all you have. I managed for many years and it is lovely to change things around. This works beautifully because of the colour palette used and your cropped version brings all that colour to the foreground. In Ludlow most houses had containers outside their doors, it was always a treat to see what grew.

    1. Ludlow would be an attractive town even without the containers. I have probably not seen it at its peak – it tended to be out of my way even when I lived in South Staffs.

      1. It’s not a place you pass through on the way to anywhere. Even travelling north to south the road bypasses the town.

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