Gallery Of White Peonies

Peony in sunshine

I’m sharing some white peonies to complement my recent gallery of white roses. As before, I’ll trust the peonies will speak for themselves.

Tumbling white peony flowers

White peony with hints of green

White tree peony flower

Double white peony

White peony with cream stamens

Single white peony with golden stamens

Large peony and small camellia

Finally, one that makes me smile. The huge peony flower is surrounded by the camellia’s foliage and the camellia flower seems to be looking up, thinking, “Fancy stealing my thunder like that!”

Shared for HeyJude’s Life in Colour challenge. The single roses proved more popular than the doubles last time and I’m wondering if the same will hold true for the peonies.

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    1. At the time they are all wow, but I know of no other flower more prone to turn out to be evenly dusted with soil when you look at a picture more closely.

  1. Peonies are our favorites for the gardens in the yard. We’ve several varieties (don’t ask me their names) of both herbaceous and tree. A few are white, single and double. Yours are lovely. The last could almost pass for a carnation.

  2. Those peonies look gorgeous and I almost can smell the blooms across the internet.

  3. WHITE! AH!
    You know though, . . . as much as I like white, I think that ‘Festiva Maxima’ is my favorite peony. I know that there are much better white peonies available, without those red specks that ‘Festiva Maxima’ gets. However, ‘Festiva Maxima’ is the one that is most commonly available here, supposedly because it is more tolerant of the minimal chill. Besides, the floral form is sort of what I expect a peony to look like.

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