Gallery Of White Peonies

Peony in sunshine

I’m sharing some white peonies to complement my recent gallery of white roses. As before, I’ll trust the peonies will speak for themselves.

Tumbling white peony flowers

White peony with hints of green

White tree peony flower

Double white peony

White peony with cream stamens

Single white peony with golden stamens

Large peony and small camellia

Finally, one that makes me smile. The huge peony flower is surrounded by the camellia’s foliage and the camellia flower seems to be looking up, thinking, “Fancy stealing my thunder like that!”

Shared for HeyJude’s Life in Colour challenge. The single roses proved more popular than the doubles last time and I’m wondering if the same will hold true for the peonies.

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  1. My favorite is third from the bottom, with the slight blush of yellow and pink. In the second photo, it’s the size of the blooms that amazed me. When I try to remember peonies from my past, I remember them as much smaller. Of course, they always were pink, too — and I’m sure there’s been some development in the past sixty (!) years.

    1. I like that one too. We have a few popular varieties here that have huge flowers. I wonder if your heat makes peony flowers smaller? I’ve noticed that happening to roses.

    1. I hope you’ll treat yourself. Mum’s newish peony has produced a single bud (and has stayed that way for what seems like weeks) but it’s her most eagerly awaited flower and at least it survived the winter on her clay.

      1. Do they grow in pots? Don’t know when we’ll move so prefer not to settle one in garden in case it is sooner than later. However wasn’t sure if they’re pot lovers?

        1. You know, I have never seen one in a pot. An expert will no doubt grow them in anything, but I think they’ll be happier in the ground and not moved for a few years. I do know that if you plant them too deep, they won’t flower. You have to keep the crowns roughly level.

  2. There is such a sense of the unreal about these! That one with the golden yellow center — are the buds behind it the stages of opening? They are so apricot — until they’re not. Beautiful portraits, all!

    1. The buds are apricot as you say, until they are not. Most of our local peonies are in elegant collapse after a little rain, but they were lovely while they lasted.

  3. Oh boy, do they ever speak for themselves….we had a small bed of white peonies behind the house we lived in when I was in grade school. They cemeted themselves into my consciousness. Beautiful phtos!

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