Lilium ‘Trebbiano’

Lilium 'Trebbiano' has an unusual greenish tinge

Lilium ‘Trebbiano’ is a lightly scented Longiflorum Asiatic Lily. The classically-formed flowers are an unusual colour – pale lemon with hints of lime, particularly along the central veins. Dark anthers make a bold contrast against the petals and the angle of the flower gives it a hopeful look.

Large flowers on short (110 cm / 3 ft), sturdy stems make it good for growing in containers and for cutting.

Lilium ‘Trebbiano’ was named after the group of Italian grapes because of its greenish tones. Some bulbs sold under the name have turned out to be pure yellow, so if you’re thinking of acquiring some, use a source you trust.

Shared as part of Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. Enchanting! How I love lilies. Unfortunately, there is a beetle, a recent arrival to Maine, that has decimated most of mine in the garden. Sigh.

    1. I know, those beetles are so discouraging! Wearing gloves, I’m out there daily squashing the adults and disgusting larvae. With daily attention, I’ve been able to reduce their numbers significantly. They emerge as adults in spring, so that is the best time to nail them. 😉

        1. Sending good luck wishes that your remaining lily holds out against the beetles. I wonder if it tastes funny to them – or is it socially distanced?

          1. It certainly is socially distanced from other lilies as there are no others in the bed. I think there’s not enough to attract the beetles. Yet.

    1. Actually, I thought the yellow ones were rather attractive, but if your heart is set on one thing, it can be galling – like having your taste buds prepared for a pie, then finding there are only sandwiches left.

        1. I’d take a yellow lily over no pie any day of the week. (Trusting the idiom does not conceal the sense – were it to, it would seem like one of those illustrations mathematicians provide to assure you a minus times a minus is a plus, or some such. (Whether a minus green lily in conjunction with no pie would cause the pie to reappear is another matter.))

          1. Other than damaging myself by nearly falling off my chair laughing, I enjoyed the possibilities. I was, however, reminded of the so-called story problems that lurked in math textbooks many years ago.

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