Star Shaped Flowers: Clematis ‘Darius’

Clematis 'Darius' has attractive star-shaped stripes and purple anthers

Clematis ‘Darius’ may not be easy to find, but is certainly a beauty. With flowers as big as my outstretched hand, this is classed as an early, large-flowered clematis.

The flowers seem to have been painted with a star shape formed by a purple-pink stripe down the centre of each petal. Spidery dark purple anthers on creamy-white filaments add their patterns too.

Clematis 'Darius'
The background colour gradually pales to white

The petal edges are lightly wavy, giving each flower a crinkled effect.

I’m sharing this for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

23 Replies to “Star Shaped Flowers: Clematis ‘Darius’”

  1. I love the crinkles! Kind of like goose bumps, as though they are constantly thrilled about something. You’re so right about the star shape — this is more of a constellation than a climber. What a beauty!

      1. It is indeed difficult to tell – and even when you’ve mentioned it, it still takes me a moment to adjust the scale in my head and imagine what it would be like in front of me! Kinda like viewing artwork digitally – it takes a while and it’s never quite the same as viewing it in person!

    1. Montanas are out locally. I suspect I have missed one of my other favourites recently by being ill-inclined to climb up a hill to visit it in the rain.

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