27 Replies to “Flowers At Our Feet”

    1. I always get excited to see the forget-me-nots. I saw a patch of pink ones recently, but the flowers were almost over. Perhaps next year!

  1. So many wildflowers, I am quite taken with buttercups at the moment, though the spreading kind are a bit of a nuisance in my own garden.

    1. The buttercups are flourishing around here – some of the fields are full of them. I am waiting to see whether we’ll have the same variety of wildflowers along a path which must have been seeded last year or the one before that. It looks to be mainly clover, buttercups and dandelions this year, but perhaps I’m forgetting the timings.

  2. How very, very lovely and it took me back to when I was a toddler and the flowers reached way above my ankles and lying down and looking among them was sheer heaven. Or is that just hindsight?

    1. I think it was probably heaven at the time or we would not have those associations. I remember making a ‘house’ from mown grass and lying down in it among the wild daisies and buttercups.

  3. I agree with Laurie, above: these are great reasons to look down! What carpets you have found! I love looking at all of them, but the ferny greens and the cherry petals are particularly appealing. Not sure why, maybe there’s a kind of fun in them. But they’re all kind of like little kids, closer to the ground than we are, running around and having a grand old time.

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