Purple Flowers and Foliage

Rosa Veilchenblau: purple rambling rose
Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ is a purple rambling rose

If you’re looking for a purple rambling rose, there aren’t many to choose from. Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ has its passionate fans and detractors, as do many roses. It only flowers once and is not resistant to blackspot: this plant has a freckling of it on the leaves. The spent flowers don’t drop cleanly, so the plant becomes scruffier towards the end of flowering. But what a rare beauty it is at its zenith, throwing out arching canes of flowers that become more purple with age.

Purple hen and chicks
Purple hen and chicks

My next is not a rose but a rosette. Hens and chicks come in a tempting array of colours and there are plenty of purples to choose from, some named, others hybrid seedlings. My favourites are normally the bluish ones, but this fine purple caught my eye. I only have a vigorously spreading green one that my sweetheart won as a door prize.

Purple-leaved heuchera covered with rain droplets
Purple heuchera

More purple leaves, this time a heuchera from one of the shows way back when. The leaves had a metallic sheen highlighted by splashes of rain.

White viola with purple whiskers
White viola with purple whiskers

My last is predominantly white, with a pinkish flush towards the edge of the upper petals. The ‘hero’ flower is such a pretty little thing. We think of purple as a rich, weighty colour, but here it adds spice and soul without taking away a jot of the flower’s natural radiance.

Shared for Life In Colour: Purple. HeyJude is sharing a Pasque flower today that is alive with purple richness.

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