Craig Mitchell Smith’s MOBOT Garden Of Glass Exhibition

Red poppies
Red Poppies

The Missouri Botanical Garden (MOBOT) staged a 30-piece exhibition of fused glass sculptures by Craig Mitchell Smith a few years ago. I recently promised to share some pictures from the glasshouse, so here they are.

Art Glass | Tropical foliage
Tropical Foliage

In some shots, it’s not easy to tell glass from leaf. My favourites are the iridescent, lustrous pieces.

The glass was brought to life by spot lights: it must have looked wonderful in the evening when surrounding darkness enriched the colours.

Poppies Art Glass by Craig Mitchell Smith

I note on Craig Mitchell Smith’s website that he prefers to have his artwork speak for itself. I’m happy to go with that!

Crepe Myrtle - red art glass
Crepe Myrtle
Tree of Life | Craig Mitchell Smith
Tree of Life
Bird of Paradise at MOBOT
Bird of Paradise
Heliconia Art Glass by Craig Mitchell Smith
Smoke Art Glass by Craig Mitchell Smith

Shared (the square ones, at least) for Becky’s BrightSquares. Only one more day after today!

33 Replies to “Craig Mitchell Smith’s MOBOT Garden Of Glass Exhibition”

  1. I love glass anyway, but these gorgeous pieces must have been wonderful to see. I love that bromeliad! (Any what a setting to see them in too! 🙂 )

  2. wow I like Craig’s work. Aren’t they amazing – and whilst I love Chihuly glass it is lovely to see something that isn’t his team’s work

  3. Color and contour had me gasping but I really did have to reach for the smelling salts when I got to the smoke. Incredible! I cannot imagine seeing these spotlighted in the evening. It must be other-worldly.

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